Sunday, December 1, 2013

Winners: #ZombieRun2013

Zombie Run Winners

Please don’t shoot me in the head, but I am so behind on announcing the winners of #ZombieRun2013. It’s not as though I have the excuse that the dead have been chasing me and I’ve been holed up in a prison, fighting them off.  Nope, just not good at multitasking. However I now have my picks.
1st Place:  Treehouseby Adam Ickes. This one was gory, creepy and had the humor effect that I love in zombie tales… at least I laughed, especially at the zombie squirrel.  Perhaps it’s just me.
2nd Place: Necroambulists; A Story Of Discriminating Tastes by Lori Fetters Lopez. The story pulled me in. I loved the interaction between the girl that had lived in the world with zombies and the boy that never had, and the ending… perfect.
3rd Place: Evolution by Casi Nerina. I think this one caught me by surprise the most, I didn’t see the ending coming. I love the evolution of the zombie. Scary if this were to ever happen.
I will need mailing addresses so I can send out the magnets. It will be a while, I still need to order them. I will contact each of you as soon as I have them in my hand and get your address at that time.
How does everyone feel about putting the stories in a small anthology?  It wouldn’t be paying, but I would have to set a price on Amazon if we did that. We could choose a charity to send the royalties too. Or we could split the royalties. Thoughts?

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