Sunday, December 16, 2012

Winner 55 Word Challenge: Week Thirty-Eight


Winner 55 Word Challenge:
Week Thirty-Eight

I am sorry I’m late with this. I was beginning to work on it Friday when news about the school shooting came through. I’ve been unable to concentrate since then and have felt the need to spend time with my family. No writing, limited time on the internet and just being glad that we are together.
But now it is time to quit holding people in suspense. So without further ado…
Honorable Mentions:

The Seekers

She could hear the sound of footsteps closing in on her hiding spot. Their splish-splash through the puddles echoed off the walls of the claustrophobic alley she’d found.

Staying silent, she crouched further down into the shadows, hoping it would be enough to evade their capture.
Closer. Ever closer they approached.

“Gotcha, Selena! You’re it!”
Thank you everyone for entering! See you in a few days. :)

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