Monday, September 2, 2013

Winner 55 Word Challenge: Week Seventy-Two


Honorable Mentions:

@fetterslopez: OMG, it’s hard enough being a teenager, but add mutation to it… I can feel her pain.
@redshirt6: Child’s art come to life, or maybe the child had a premonition. Chilling story.
@James Mender: Another chilling tale.
@lastwordy: I love the twist of horror at the end. The games we play…

October Games
It was simple: hang a mirror on the dead tree, hold hands, and chant. It was five tries before we could do it without laughing. Then the silence was eerie, and we were glad to hear the wind rustle the dry cornstalks.
Until Mary screamed. And we realized too late that hadn't been the wind.
55 words


@doctormikereddy: I loved this twist on The Wizard of Oz. Great tale.

"Not Oz Anymore"

Oz had changed since Dorothy had last left. The scarecrow's benevolent dictatorship had been overthrown by the One Eyed Man is King, but the Cyclops had eventually lost the people's support when dust storms from the edges of Oz had eaten into the safer lands.

Dorothy rolled up her sleeves. "Toto, we've lots to do!"
Here are the badges. Wear them proudly!

Okay people, My children’s book, The Tooth Adventures of Fanny Nightsky goes on tour, beginning the 5th, (which by the way happens to be my birfday,) and will be free for Kindle Sept. 5ththrough Sept. 9th. Please spread the word.


“Good sweetness, Zip, will you hurry up?”
“I’m trying, Fanny, but I don’t know what to bring with me.”
“Pixiesticks! Zip, we’re just going on a blog tour. Why are you putting all those cat treats in there?”
“Just in case there are cats, Fanny. Remember what happened the last time there was a cat?”
“Don’t remind me of that Cat-astrophy.”
“Fanny, why are you laughing?”
“I’m not laughing, Zip… ok, I’m laughing. I can’t help it. You should have seen the look on your face when you were cornered by that cat.”
“Shhh… Fanny, I think there are kids listening.”
“Where? Zip, I don’t see anyone.”
“I thought I heard a child. They’re very sneaky you know, always trying to catch us with their fairy traps.”
“I think your imagination is working overtime, Zip. Now what else have you got in your bag… Peanuts and Popcorn! ZIP! What are you doing with all those copies of our book?”

Fanny Nightsky is going on tour Sept. 5th through Sept. 9th, and she's going to be bringing Zip with her. She will be visiting blogs around the world, sharing her magic with children everywhere. The Tooth Adventures of Fanny Nightsky will be free on Amazon that week.and Fanny may even have a story or two to share with you.

There is even going to be a chance to win a free paperback version of the book, signed by Fanny Nighsky and Zip Moonfall, as well as the author, L.Hollar, so be sure to check back here on the 5th.




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