Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Winner 55 Word Challenge: Week Seventy-Seven

Honorable Mentions:

@redshirt6: Wow, scary. I can imagine the frustration felt.
@DavidALudwig:  Creepy feel to this!
@LurchMunster: My heart caught in my throat with that last line!



@blackinkpinkdsk:  I like the feeling of despair.  Great job!



@lastwordy: I love Stand By Me! I also love the way this one ends…  so wicked. So delicious.


"Come on," she said. "It'll be like Stand By Me."
Of course Teddy believed her. He believed anything Jackie said. Always had.
"Lean over the edge," she told him. "It's so awesome."
Poor, stupid fuck. I think he knew. because his eyes were open all the way down, finally seeing her smile just for him.
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