Friday, October 23, 2015

#55WordChallenge Winners 10/21

Only 3 entries, so everyone wins a badge ... speaking of which, I know I said I was going to have new badges, well, I asked my daughter to make me some. She didn't. Jeff says he likes the badges as is and I am uncreative in the artistic department, so we are sticking with the old badges. So here we go ...
Winner: @PurpleQueenNL Perfect descriptions. Puts me in mind of the times I've been home alone and heard something that sounded like someone in the house
She turned over the card, shivering in the candle light as Death stared up at her. But whether it portended an actual Death or a transformation depended on the next card. She flipped it over with trembling hand to reveal the Falling Tower. Her stomach sank as the back door rattled and candle blew out.

55 Words
Honorable Mention: @KJCollard Gave me a chuckle. I was a witch every year when I was a kid.


    "Hi Death."

    "Oh. Hey Nana."

    "I need to know how you're dressing for Trick or Treating this year."

    "Oh. Probably just a skeleton."

    "But Death, you've already done that four years in a row. I need a new picture for the hallway."

    "Ugh. Fine Nana. A witch, then."


    "Bye Nana."


    54 words
    All three prompts used
    OVERACHIEVER: Voinks  I guess they should have just left him alone. I know I wouldn't want to be knocking at Death's door.
    ‘Trick or Treat?’

    Every year the kids get more annoying.
    Even the genuine dangling skeletons hadn’t frightened them off.


    ‘Aw, come on Mr D’eath. It’s Halloween, only a bit of fun.’

    ‘Go away, you’re too young.’

    They wouldn’t listen. I had to invite them in.

    49 words. All three prompts used.

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