Tuesday, November 17, 2015

#55Challenge Winners from 11/10/2015

Winner and Overachiever:


I loved this! So much in a small package, and you worked in all the prompts so well. I don't normally give both the winner and overachiever to the same person, but this time I don't feel I could have done it any other way,

It Never Shuts Up

She placed the infant in the broken box and closed the top. Even through the lid she heard it wailing. Why did the bloody thing have to cry so damn much? She had to escape the crying. She needed silence. She locked the box and pushed it off the dock—watched it until it sank.

55 words

Honorable Mention:


Water Dreams Very  vivid.

As the sun sets, in the quiet time before the fishermen return with their boats, I listen to the lapping of the waves along the old wooden dock as the water speaks to me of far off places. And I sigh and turn from my dreams as the squawk of birds announce my captors return.

Honorable Mention


I liked this, though I think I would have liked a little bit more. I'm not sure if she was going for a swim, or if she was at peace for a different reason.


The water was calm, serene, dappled with late evening light. A small smile curved her lips. The lake matched her inner being. The decision made, she slipped into the cool depths, her long tresses fanning out around her head a moment, catching the last glint of the sun, before trailing her down below the surface.

Congratulations everyone!

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  1. I guess I was a bit ambiguous, but the subject of my story was at peace for a different reason. She was going to have eternal peace.