Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The 55 Word Challenge

The 55 Word Challenge
(Rises Again)

I have decided to start up my 55 word challenge again, this time to run on Wednesdays, starting at noon Eastern time and ending Thursdays, noon, Eastern time.
For examples of 55 Word fiction, you can see my previous contests, here, here and here. The idea is to write a story in 55 words or less. 
I am providing 3 photos. Choose one and write your story based on that. Put your story in the comment section below, along with your twitter handle.  The winner will get a $5.00 Amazon gift card.
Your Prompts:

Ok, remember...55 words or less. Don't forget your twitter handle and most of all...Have fun! I will announce the winner by 10p.m Thursday.

Winner can display this badge on their blog.


  1. "How long?"

    "162 years."

    "And it's not taxidermy."

    "No, it's quite alive. It moves about on the headstone without leaving it."

    "Well, he DID say, 'still is sitting, still is sitting,' but even 162 years after his death?"

    "What about her, then? Did he really lose all hope?"

    "Indeed, Poe shall meet Lenore again, nevermore."

    55 Words

  2. The sign was written in good humor but there wasn’t anything funny as it was true.

    Joan brought the bat down as forceful as possible. The bat hit with a sickening thunk. The man moaned, crawling towards her again. She couldn’t get the angle right.

    She shut her eyes, trying again. Her husband was undead.

    55 words

  3. "There's evil in him."

    Jeb stared into the dog's soulful eyes.

    The dog yawned.

    "Derrin, that dog's man's best friend."

    "He threatened to kill me."

    Jeb laughed. "You been drinking. I need one."

    Derrin watched the dog, lying on the floor.

    "I didn't say I'd kill you. I'm going to eat you," the dog said.

    55 words

  4. The 55 Word Challenge is now closed. I will deliberate and announce the winner by 10:00 P.M. Thank you for participating!