Thursday, June 21, 2012

Winner 55 Word Challenge: Week 14

Winner 55 Word Challenge
Week Fourteen

It was a tough choice, trying to sort through all of the stories. Great batch of writers joined us for #55wordchallenge and made my job that much more difficult. I decided to stick with the ones that had me coming back for more. After reading through all of them they had the hook factor that reminded me to take another look. So here they are!Honorable Mentions:
"See, kid, I told you... That dog is up to no good. You have to go tell your mom."
"But, Fluffy, Mom said to stay outside and leave her alone unless it's an emergency." He explained, adjusting his hat nervously.
"This is an emergency, kid. That dog is eating my Fancy Feast!"

52 words
@BethanyLopez2 – This one had me laughing and I loved it! When Fluffy’s food is in peril the only option is changing the status to code red and sounding the alarms! After the Fancy Feast!
With the words chanted three times, the spell was cast.
Angelica could only wait in darkening wood, hoping her magic wouldn’t fail her this night.
For tonight, on the eve of the longest day, she planted the seed that would soon mature and fester until it had grown into the thing she most desired.

55 words
@michelawalters – What type of magical revenge is Angelica plotting? When did her magic fail her before? So many questions and I want to know more. Great story.

"I told you there was something fishy about your mum," Snowball says, tail twitching.
Duffy flicks the cat's whiskers. "Don't see nothin' strange."
"Kid, your mum is wearing mouse ears."
"Yeah, 'cuz she was a Mouseketeer."
"And what is that, exactly?"
He tugs his cap. "Don't rightly know. Criminy. You think she's the company rat?"

55 words
@bullishink – This one made me laugh and I think I re-read the story at least three times. Company rat, indeed.

Standing on the wet curb, I could see the tower. Its lights reached the ground even from there, glistening on the pavement in a dancing myriad, as ever changing and fickle as I am.
I told him to meet me at the tower. But I’d never show. And he’d never know why.
Neither would I.
55 Words
@J_M_Blackman - Reminds me a bit of the Deborah Kerr movie and it made me want to know more. Why would she not be at the tower? Did she get hit by a car? But what sold me the story more than just the questions it created was the beauty in the imagery that was created. Dancing lights on the wet pavement and staring at the tower whether it was longingly or nervously, I suppose we’ll never know.

Thank you to our judge, @theglitterlady! She did an awesome job. And thank you all for the wonderful entries. Jalisa is now a two time champion of #55WordChallenge. Maybe I should come up with a special prize for those that accomplish this. :-) In the meantime, I think I still have your email addy, so your prize will be on its way by the end of the week.

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