Friday, September 28, 2012

Winner 55 Word Challenge: Week Twenty-Eight

Winner 55 Word Challenge:
Week Twenty-Eight
A lot of great stories this week! Thank you to everyone for participating.
Honorable Mentions:
@nickjohns999: I loved the tone of this story. I could imagine the wolf, arrogant, sure of himself. None can stand against him.
@StuffedO:  I laughed at this. It put me in mind of The Ghost and Mr. Chicken. Definetly something I would want to do.
@klingorengi: Revenge always makes a good story. Almost makes me feel sorry for the bully’s. Almost.
Not only did Olivia combine all 3 photos’ she did it flawlessly, not an easy task with so few words. I kept coming back to this over and over again. Great story! Olivia, you get the winner’s badge, posted at the top of this page. Just copy it and do what you want… post it on your web site, frame it… if you get a tattoo, I want to see it. J  You also will get a $5.00 gift card from Amazon in your email.
Check out Olivia’s story.
Loved and Lost
Rain dashed against the window of the train. Beyond, he could see the shadow of the old asylum. A single light glowed bravely in the attic, begging him to return to the wolves’ den. But he couldn’t stay.
He pressed a hand to the window, saying goodbye to the fears. To the ghosts.
To Cyril.
Thank you everyone for entering. See you next week!

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