Friday, January 25, 2013

Winner 55 Word Challenge Week Forty-Three

Honorable Mentions:

@Angelique_Rider’s story put a vivid image in my mind. I love the picture it created.
@PurpleQueenNL Wow! Again, great image and the ending gave me chills.
@bullishink I’ve been to Summerville, (Georgia). They seemed like such friendly folk to me, but perhaps not.



As a rule, I never choose Jeff for the win because I feel I may be biased and I don’t want the challenges integrity to be questioned…  however I loved this and after much deliberation I decided it was in fact my favorite and not fair to leave him out of the running. Here is the story, which included all 3 photos and was done so seamlessly.
Teddy's Travels

Having no idea when a train might come along, he’d turned from the tracks and chosen the road instead.

His walking stick clacking on the rails of an old fence, he never heard the truck as it crested a low hill.

Striking him, it continued on its way, leaving him broken, dying and alone.

54 words @klingorengi
Thank you everyone and see you back next week, when we will have a special prize package!

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