Friday, March 22, 2013

Winner 55 Word Challenge: Week Fifty

Honorable Mentions:

@fetterslopez: I liked the feel of this story, the frustration… and the final ending.
@Klingorengi: Again, I liked how this story took off. The confusion mixed with the hunger. The ending tied it all together, speaking werewolf.
@WakefieldMahon: Interesting turn in the story. I liked it. J
@bookwormattack: I knew that with so many of the stories based on the first photo that if anyone was going to win with it, they would really have to bring it. This story did all that and more. Read it here and see why.
The smell of cigar smoke and sweat lingered heavily upon Isabella's alabaster skin. A hopelessness and despair devoured her soul every minute she stayed in that horrid place. She was trapped.
A knock sounded on the door leading to her room and Isabella took a deep breath as she prepared for her next customer.

54 words @bookwormattack
This is Kayla's third win... or fourth. I'm not sure now, lol. Needless to say, her writing rocks. So I have a special prize for her, a digital copy of Fifty Shades of Decay. Let me know, Kayla, if what format you need it in, Kindle, Nook or other and I will get that sent to you.



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