Monday, March 11, 2013

Winner 55 Word Challenge: Week Forty-Nine

First, let me apologize for being so late. I truly meant to post the results two days ago and got distracted. Then it slipped my mind. I’ve also started a new job, so my schedule is thrown off track. I got home this morning at 5:30 had to be up at 6:30 to get the kids ready for school. (Really, my alarm went off and I yelled for them to get up and then I lay in bed until I had to roll out and physically drive them to school.) Came home and went back to bed until 10:30, when I had to get up and go pick up teen/adult and take her to her second school. Yes, she goes to two different ones. Multi-media which is teaching her how to be the best damn cartoonist is the first 3 hours of the day. I’m a bit tired. And then of course all these stories were so good, it wasn’t easy picking just 4.

Honorable Mentions:

@fetterslopez: I am a chocoholic. I see chocolate in my near future. Like tonight. And I don’t feel like sharing either, so I can understand Jerry’s viewpoint.

@J_M_Blackman: THWACK-TH Made me giggle.

@reravelling: I loved this. Had just the right element of fun and the hint of bad stuff to come.


@bullishink: I laughed when reading this. And for some reason I kept picturing Meryl from The Walking Dead talking to Andrea. 

Redneck Proposal

It ain’t much to look at now, but by the end of the week, when those metal screens are snapped in place and the cellar is laid with supplies, it’ll be safer than mother’s milk if those virus ridden dead heads come this way. So, you wanna hunker down with me or what, pretty lady?

- - - - -
55 words / @bullishink

 #55WordChallenge is taking a break this week. But no need to cry, the fun will be back next week. I just need a chance to adjust to my new routine and I have some writing I need to get done. I’ve been neglecting it and my characters are starting to revolt. I have a book I am re-releasing tomorrow. It is called Jenny’s Secret, formerly known as The Wall. It has been edited by Rob Miller and I have new cover art by Thomas Arensberg. (If you can't wait until tomorrow for Amazon, Kindle and Kobo, it is already up on Smashwords.)


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