Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Winner 55 Word Challenge: Week Eighty-One

Ok, last #55WordChallenge was at the end of October and then we took November off. I forgot to announce the winner… but we only had 2 entries and it is difficult to pick one over the other, especially because I liked them both. However it is now time for the challenge to resume, (tomorrow,) which means it is also time for me to suck it up. So the winner is….

Today is a beautiful day, sunny with just the right level of tension melting warmth. Clouds encroach more like snug blankets than funeral shrouds.

All across town machines have gone blissfully silent. So why am I following this numbskull around looking for the people?

Yes, Rex, I’m sure they’ll be at the backdoor this time.

Ok, so now hopefully you all aren’t too worn out from Nano and are ready to do some writing, or at least 55 words. I have some fun pictures lined up for tomorrow, and a guest judge, Blaze McRob. Blaze is a great friend and President of Visionary Press Cooperative. He is also one of the authors in Blood Under The Mistletoe, along with Jeff and myself. I'm really excited to have him judging.


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