Sunday, December 15, 2013

Winner 55 Word Challenge: Week Eighty-Three

Okay, the results are in! Actually they were in a few days ago, but as usual... I got sidetracked. Either that, or I'm just plain evil.
So this is what James says:
Great writing, folks! I'm always surprised at how much emotional impact you can punch into 55 words, but you writing mavens make it look effortless. Creepy, sad, funny, weird, and mysterious; you hit all the high points in my reading wheelhouse. Now, without further delay, here are the winners:


 @PurpleQueenNL for her brilliant use of all three photo prompts. She made the desperation ooze through the screen. Simple but heartbreaking.

Honorable Mention:

@by_wjhoward for her gruesome tale of turning one woman tragedy into another woman's bounty. Sick, sick, sick...and I love it.

@nickjohns999 for his clever use of all three prompts to string together a horrifying man-trap. Curiosity will kill more than the cat when this guy's lurking in the dark corners.

Man Hunter

Carefully placing the bike, I stepped back to survey the overall effect.
Scattered abandoned debris would attract adventurous scavengers. Open windows and doorways hinted at shelter or unlooted treasures.
Settling into the shadowy hide, checking fields of fire, I quieted my grumbling belly. My boiled bone soup would soon be replaced by something fresher.

55 words

Great job, everyone!
Winners can contact Lisa with their email address if they'd like a free copy of Dead Sea Games: Adrift on Kindle.

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