Thursday, June 12, 2014

Winner: #55WordChallenge Week Fourteen

Sorry for the delay. Internet will be coming to the Hollar house again one of these days... just not soon enough to suit me. But I finally got a chance to read... and only 3 entries for week fourteen, so not that hard of a decision either. Here we go.

Honorable Mention:  @NadaNightStar

The night shifted to grey, no sun to be seen, no warmth to be felt. Footsteps echoed on the wooden planks of an old, abandoned house. 

“Lila! Where did you run off to this time?” a man rasped though he looked young.

At the broken down window, the descendent of Bastet stood wise and proud.
Overachiever: @mishmhem
Thought and Memory

Sheriff Eagan tensed as the stranger rode into town, a raven perched on his shoulder.

“Can I help you Mister?”

The man tipped his hat, revealing a missing eye. “I’m looking for the cat that ate my memory.”

It was the last time Sheriff Eagan read Norse mythology before going to bed.

54 words
"Look into my eyes," he said.

"Trust me," he said.

"I'm not like the man in the hat."

Cautious I landed feet from where he purred.

My wings fluttered in nervous anticipation. Above my brothers flew toward the Moonlight. I hopped closer.

The single black feather wafted downward. Silence interrupted only by a faint...meow.



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