Thursday, June 26, 2014

Winner #55WordChallenge: Week Sixteen

Sorry again for the delay in announcing the winners. I think I am going to change it so that I announce the winners on Thursdays. That seems easiest for me right now. So anyway... without any further ado...

Honorable Mention: Maryann Holloway

Jill and Cody have been alone for two years. Cody’s father, Paul never could hold a job and was always looking for an easy way to grab some scratch. Paul has been doing time since before Cody was born. With his father’s absence, Jill planned to set her son on a clean path through life.

Overachiever: Rasha Tayaket

That woman looked at my child like it was her own. True she had given birth to the boy, but he was mine to raise and love. The boy’s father was in chains. And the woman will come to understand that I am the child’s only hope to a better path in life.

Winner: Morrighan Muse

As he walked the lonely path, the young man remembered her.  With every clink and clang of the chains, he remembered the way she looked at him, held him and told him that no matter what happened, she would always love him. And as he made his way home, he prayed that she still did.

Congratulations everyone! Look for the new prompt shortly.


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