Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Winner 55 Word Challenge: Week Seventy-One

Sorry, sorry, I forgot today was Wednesday. My daughter and I went and visited her grandparents and I was home and just relaxing when it hit me. So here we go…
Honorable Mentions:
@DavidALudwig: I love the way the story flows.
@bullishink: Powerful and tragic.
@drmagoo: Great use of the prompt.
@JamesMender: Gave me chills. I want to know more.
by James Mender
I have my suspicions but, even if I’m right, there’s nothing I can do.
In some places, folks are rioting. In others, the faithful are praying because they believe themselves unraptured. This neighborhood, at least, is quiet.
I kneel and pick up a forgotten teddy bear.
All across the world, the children are just ... gone.
~ ~ ~
Author’s note: 55 words.
 @doctormikereddy: Great job using all 3 photo prompts!
When young I hugged him. When he could sit he hugged Bear. When he could walk Bear hung by a dangled paw. When he was hit Bear flew, then lay still. With him.
Later, I followed in his footsteps. Dangling Bear. Stepping out. Being hit. Flying. Bear stayed behind. I flew on. He hugged me.
Ok, I have 2 new badges. Honorable Mention and Overachiever!
HM's, Winner and Overachiever, Please take your badges!


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