Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Winner 55 Word Challenge: Week Seventy

It’s been a long wait and you all have been so patient. So without further ado…
Honorable Mentions:
@doctormikereddy: LOL, I think I have smelled that perfume before.
@DavidALudwig: I love poetry, especially when it is so well written. J
@needanidplease: I think this witch would make a good politician. She’s good at double speak. Still, I feel her pain.
@JamesMender: BRAVO! I love the chill this story sends through me. Very well done.  J
Wrong as Rain
 by James Mender
I arrived under a tree, nothing in view but gray skies and a nearly empty street.
When the first drops fell, the lone woman opened her umbrella and raced away as if the devil himself was after her.
Then one drop hit my exposed hand. It burned.
In the distance, the woman began to scream.
Ok, now I go forth and get the next challenge ready. Thanks to everyone for participating.

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