Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Winners 55 Word Challenge: Week Sixty-Nine

I hope you all have had a wonderful week. I’ve tried to be productive. JAnd now I’ve had the difficult decision of choosing winners from last week’s contest. So here we go.
Honorable Mentions:
@lissajean7: I loved the playfulness of this story. 
@solimond: Ha! Poor crew. I hope Cthulhu has been appeased.
@doctormikereddy: Beautifully written. Life has a way of bogging us down. I loved the analogy.

Sometimes I just have to admit that Jeff is brilliant… in a sick twisted kind of a way. As a rule, he is usually not eligible for the win since I feel I might be a bit biased and want to make sure I’m not showing favoritism, but when it is as well written as this, funny and just plain demented, well it would be wrong for me not to give him the recognition he deserves. Read what his warped, little mind came up with.
Quite A Catch
Zeke’s gaze scanned to the west and he growled with frustration. The fog showed no signs it would break any more today than it had all week.
Pulling his last trap aboard, he grinned at the contents. As mermaids went, she wasn’t especially curvaceous or alluring, but she did have her an awful purty mouth.
55 Words
Okay, we have less than 2 hours before the next challenge. Get your pencils ready!

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