Thursday, July 3, 2014

Winner #55WordChallenge: Week Seventeen

 Once again, sorry for the delay. There is going to be no contest this week, sorry. We will return next week with new prompts, and hopefully a clearer mind.

Honorable Mention: rashatayaket

Out the window, I could see airplane streaks in the sky as people flew out of the city searching for tropical getaways and quiet retreats. But not me. I would never leave the city. The hustle of city life ran through my veins like water in a faucet. Everything outside the city seemed horrifyingly still.


 Scorching heat emanates from the pavement. Even the sun seems to pity the land below, unknowing how to handle the heat it brings forth.
To top it all, water begins to run short.
It's summer, an exceptionally hot summer, and all everyone wants is to get away to a sea breeze.
Winner: Miranda Kate

The skies had been busy today, so many aircraft; so many people trying to get out. The news had shown the fights at the docks over boats - they had been brutal. I turned on the tap; there was still running water; there was still time. I wasn’t going anywhere yet. Let them come.

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