Friday, May 11, 2012

Winner: 55 Word Challenge Week 8

Winner 55 Word Challenge
Week 8

@J_M_Blackman did not have an easy job judging this week. A lot of great entries! I am so glad I didn’t have to make the decision.

Honorable Mentions:

@iwrites. His opening description snagged my attention immediately.

 But the dark turn at the end really won me over. What a scary


@CaraMichaels. Her 55 was about the anticipation of the things that

 would be done in the cover of night. I really wanted to know what was


@DavidALudwig. Something bad was going to happen beyond these 55 words

 and though I don't know what, the set up was fantastically foreboding.


The overall winner is @zombiemechanics. This 55 made me come back

 again and again. I got a great impression of this world where a

 halfling plots a lord's death. Sign me up for the full read.

Thanks for letting me judge! Loved it!

Here is @Zombiemechanics winning story.


Ultimately, it was the halfling’s long view that made him so effective. Patience wasn’t preferred; it was essential.

No grand army, no epic battle. Six weeks of dark cavern’s descent and he crept—unnoticed—into the darkest dungeon of Lord Sauron’s summer castle.

From there, the diminutive assassin could poison the master’s wine…and wait.

55 words

What he won

This awesome badge to display proudly on his blog, (maybe he’ll get it tattooed on his arm.) And a $5.00 gift card to  Thank you to everyone that entered. Next week @Klingorengi will be judging, so check back for the fun.

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