Sunday, April 7, 2013

Winner 55 Word Challenge: Week Fifty-Two

I’ve let the week get away from me. I’ve even gotten behind on the A to Z Challenge, so today I will be playing catch up. But first the winners of my C is for 55 Word A to z Challenge...
Honorable Mentions:
@klingorengi: Loved the combination of comedy and horror.
@bookwormattack: The thought of cockroaches eating someone just sent a chill through my body. *shudder* And what a great way to dispose of a body.
@JMwandering: I love how the serial killer was a human that killed bugs. Was the museum ran by the creepy crawlies? That would be fun.

@PurpleQueenNL: This story made me chuckle. I could picture a big, burly man dancing around and then, in my mind, it cut to Dr. Cockroach in Monsters Vs. Alien, looking very confused.

Jack thought it was just a stone in his boot until it crawled out onto the bootstrap, then he screamed; toppling backwards in an attempt to shake it off. The whole work crew turned to laugh until they saw it too, and then within seconds the yard was cleared, leaving the lone cockroach bemused.
Miranda, I will send you a Smashwords coupon for the book!
Thank you, everyone, for entering. see you again on Wednesday.

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