Monday, July 15, 2013

55 Word Challenge Winner: Week Sixty-Five

Ok, this was not an easy decision, but I finally have made my decision.
Honorable Mentions

@bookwormattack: Ha! I loved the last line. Makes me want to know more.

@PurpleQueenNL: Very disturbing.
@JamesMender: Yikes!
@postupak: Wow, how sad. 
They lived life between the pages, set their watches according to subtext and the gasps between periods and commas.

“Our door is always open, sweethearts,” they told us. “You will always have a home here.”

Shuttered windows and unanswered calls spoke truer.

“Beloved Father. Beloved Mother,” read their elegant tombstones.

Kids can master subtext too.

55 words

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