Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Winner 55 Word Challenge: Week Sixty-Seven


I was going to announce the winners yesterday, but I had a killer headache. It felt like I’d been hit with a sledgehammer right in the middle of my forehead, and by the end of the day, icepicks stabbing me in each of my eyeballs. I swear I think I was the subject of an alien experiment. I spent most of the day in bed, and thank God it was Jeff’s day off, so he could watch the minions for me. I did pull it together enough to write a quick flash last night and then back to bed. But this morning I am feeling refreshed and ready to go. So… here we go.

Honorable Mentions:
@klingorengi: Really pulled at the heartstrings, especially since I am missing my daughter right now.
@by_wjhoward: I always feel sorry for dogs dressed in clothes, so I wouldn’t blame Fluffy for destroying a few shoes.
@lastwordy: Love the description of frost on the face and the smell of winter. I could use a bit of that right now.

@SiobhanMuir:  HA! That last line captured the picture perfectly.
It’s been all of forty minutes, and he said he’d return, but nothing. I watched a stranger walk by and the clouds scuttle across the skyline, but still nothing. Why has he left me? What have I done wrong? He said to stay and be a good girl. Haven’t I been good? Sigh. Waiting.
54 words
Thank you everyone for entering. See you at noon for the next challenge!

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