Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Winner 55 Word Challenge: Week Sixty-Three


It's that time again! Some great entries this past week. They were all great, but in the end I can only pick 4. :( Well, I could pick more, but then where would be the competition?

Honorable Mentions:

@Klingorengi: That always sucks, watching your friends waddle away to their doom. Of course, it's also funny, too.
@nickjohns999: This story is titled, Not With A Bang, but it hit me with a huge blast!.
Shane Woolard: Heh, this one reminded me of a story I've been wanting to write, only reversed. Vampires that adopt human children. Great first entry Glad you could join us.

@J_M_Blackman: This story is so sad and captivating. I kept coming back to this when I was trying to decide the winner. 

Janice knew she heard Alice's voice in the echoing underground. But it was impossible. Her daughter was gone, months ago—her bloom of youth drowned.


Janice spun, heel slipping, knee slamming into shining tile. Nothing.


She tripped one last time, scarf tangled in the escalator.


Alice stood at the top, hand outstretched.

55 w/o title


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