Wednesday, July 24, 2013

55 Word Challenge Winners: Week Sixty-Six

I tried to be early this time… even started to post Thursday night, but my computer crashed and my notes were lost. Frustrated I decided to put it off until Friday… and of course I didn’t get back to it. But here we go…
Honorable Mentions
 @axelhow: Oooh this one has bite. Love it!
@lissajean7: So sad and yet… it put a shiver through me.
@lejamez: I especially love the last line.
@MikeEMillerBook: Wow! This one packs in so much and with quite a punch. Again, loved the last line.
“Will it ever stop, Daddy?” she asked. Her voice was barely audible over cacophony that surrounded us.
“I don’t know, baby,” I answered. In the distance, the eternal fires burned as hotly as ever.
“Will we die?”
I could only squeeze her tiny hand in response. Any answer I gave would feel like a lie.
55 words
Okay, the next round starts at noon. I have some great picture prompts lined up.  :)


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