Sunday, May 29, 2011

55 Word Fiction
 It is time again for 55 Word Fiction! Write a story in 55 words or less and place it in the comment section below. The contest will end at midnight tonight. Tomorrow our 2 judges, Stacey Turner and Jenelle Jenson, who won last week, will announce the winner, (or winners). The winner will get to judge next weeks contest as well as win a free copy of one of my e-shorts!

Now if you don't know what 55 word fiction is, here is an example. 

Dinner Music 
by Lisa McCourt Hollar

Stacey opened her eyes. What had happened? She’d been walking home, thanks to her cars meltdown and something had come at her. Suddenly she screamed, remembering what she had seen before falling and hitting her head. No one heard her though, except the half man…half something else and to him, her screams were dinner music.

And these stories from last weeks winners!

The Ghost
by Stacey Turner

The hairs on the back of John’s neck stood up. Psychic, he knew how his body reacted before he saw a ghost.

He glanced around the room. Someone near the casket noticed him.

“John?” she said, fainting. Was that his sister? John stared in confusion. Speechless, he glanced in the coffin. His body lay inside.

No Other Choice
by Janelle Jensen

He stared at the body lying before him. Her dead eyes stared accusingly. He dropped to his knees and plunged in. Hot blood wept over his hands and forearms, drenching the ground below. His hands closed around something solid, and he desperately withdrew his prize. Soaked in viscous fluid and shivering, the tiny calf bawled. 

Ok, so now you give it a try and have fun with it!


  1. Supper Time

    Dinner came to those who waited patiently around the table. The apple in Dinner's mouth looked like a gag from some seedy BDSM shop in Lower Manhattan. Dinner's head--the only part left to move--swung. Dinner's fear-filled eyes took in their smiles, as they picked up knifes and forks.

  2. Being Bugged
    by Thomas Scopel

    My palm itched. I scratched deeply. Digging harder, surface blood flows, forcing flaky bits of red tainted flesh underneath my fingernails. They’re not long enough and the itch dives deeper, fades from my palm, into my wrist, and begins striking up my arm. My nails follow and I feel unclean. The worm is moving again…

  3. War Sucks!

    Jason crawled through the stinking mud. Three days they had been pinned down here while some sniper picked them off. Artillery hammered the sniper’s hidey hole to rubble and Jason was chosen to confirm the kill. As he peeked out from cover, the bullet smacked into his forehead. His last thought? Nope, he’s still there.

  4. Catalepsy

    Where am I? Can't move. Why am I naked on this table?
    Voices? Can't see who...
    "What do you think?"
    "Heart attack. Soon know for certain Autopsy won't take long. Last one tonight."
    Autopsy? But I'm not dead...
    Look at me. I'm not dead. Why can they not hear?
    I'm not dead! NOOOOOO!

  5. Turning 40

    Happy birthday, they yell. Welcome to the big four oh! The champagne cork pops-- or maybe it's a gunshot, or a picture frame falling from the wall, or my last heartbeat. Don't know; I just want to be 39 again. They sing as I wipe away spilled alcohol-- or blood, or shards of broken glass.

  6. This was sent to my by E. A. Irwin.


    by E. A. Irwin

    “Who’d you spy, Harry?”

    “Redhead, perky derrière, great gams.”

    “Her face?”

    “Missed her face, too busy looking elsewhere.”

    Stan laughed, fidgeting on the park bench. “Now what?”

    “Blonde, two o’clock, pink sweater hugging ample breasts.”

    “Damn, I miss seeing women.”

    “What’d you expect after sixty-five years fiddling? You’re blind. At least you didn’t go bald.”

  7. Waking from Dreams
    by Wakefield Mahon

    He felt so comfortable wrapped up in warmth. Pleasant dreams soothed his mind, rocking him gently in sweet oblivion. He sipped on cool sweet water from a gentle creek. He opened his eyes but the darkness remained. Reality sliced through his bliss. Clarity reminded him he lay buried alive beneath a mountain of fallen comrades.

  8. The contest is now closed. I have heard from one of the judges on her pick. As soon as I hear from the other judge I will announce the winner.

  9. Interesting. My 2 judges came up with their favorites, Supper Time and Being Bugged, so I will act as tie breaker. They were both great entries, but my favorite was Supper Time by bumfuzzled. Since Being Bugged was a close 2nd, author Thomas Scopal will also receive a free e-short of his choice. Bumfuzzled will be next weeks judge.

  10. lol I'm both honored and surprised. and this 55 word thing was fun, lisa, and thanks for your time in holding it. I liked the bug one too though :)

  11. What a great contest. Forces a writer to make every word count. I'll be back to try it again. Thanks Lisa for offering to run this. Tremendous fun.