Wednesday, March 28, 2012

55 Word Challenge
Week 3

Time for the 55 Word Challenge! If you haven’t played it yet, the contest begins at Noon on Wednesdays and closes at Noon on Thursdays, Eastern time.  The object is to write a story from one of the picture prompts in 55 words or less. If you missed last week’s contest, you can find it here and the winners list here. Last week’s prize was a copy of one of my E-Books, winners choice.  @ModernBard1024 told me to choose for her, so I chose Progeny. I hope she enjoys it.
This week’s winner will receive a $5 gift card, either from Barnes and Noble or Amazon. Winners Choice and this fancy schmancy winners badge. So spread the word! And don’t be afraid to give it a try. 55 words is challenging, but not impossible.

Ok, here are your 3 photo prompts. Write a story in 55 words or less based on one of the pictures, post it in the message section below, along with your twitter handle or I can contact you if you win and most of all, have fun.


  1. She was elegant, rendered in a mosaic of stone. Posed like a Roman goddess, the locks of her hair lifted by the wind, her naked body curved and sensual. The bitch was silent, too. She was perfect.

    It was the only way I could stand my fifth ex-wife – banished to my garden with the rest.

    55 words
    Nancy P

  2. It was almost restful, being trapped in this spider’s web. My limbs still struggle, of course. My instinct is to flee, find my brothers. But I cannot. Soon, the spider will eat me. I hope my body is seen and serves as a reminder to my brothers. In the meanwhile… it is almost restful here.

    55 Words
    Chris Blanchard

  3. Tiny tremors moving down the threads reverberate through my body. I buzz my wings furiously, but the glue holds my feet in place.

    She’s coming.

    Her sticky string winds around me as she turns me over and over, wrapping me up for later.

    She injects me and leaves. Shivering within a silken shroud, I die.

    55 words

  4. As I stare at the struggling fly, its tiny wings enveloped in their sticky bindings, I realise that the web has grown; shiny gossamer criss-crosses the window, blocking out the last of the fading sunlight.
    The darkness will be here soon. I’m afraid of the dark.
    I hope he comes back before then.

    53 words

  5. Is it absence, or urgency that makes the heart grow fonder?

    Cecile danced naked in front of me, never looking more radiant. We dined. We frolicked. We loved without abandon, time slipping too fast.

    Phantom pain stabbed my heart as I cradled her in my arms, and laid her down to rest another seven years

    @Leo_Godin 55 words

  6. Livia stilled as she heard footsteps running. She wanted to be left alone, to take solace in her banishment but that wasn’t to be.

    She wanted not favors, no adoration. She wanted to rest like the others. The medusa couldn’t help her. The people shunned her. She hid from the godling’s attention in plain sight.

    55 words

  7. Cocooned for years, her once molten shell rubbed away with the pressured patience of the sea. Eventually her whole form scrabbled free. Built in earth matter, elemental and strong, her body flexed in the light.

    Imprisoned by her partner deity, she’d been wronged to the darkest degree. Now her old lover would know his mistake.

    55 words

  8. Wood floats, so do I. I float on more than water, more than salt. I float on thought, my body dying around me while I cling to the last of my cognition. I am still alive. The ocean hasn’t claimed me yet. My eyes swim like the rest of me, barely functional. Is

    55 words

    And I hit it on my first try! It's a sign. ;)

  9. Stillness holds me in gentle hands while eons and epochs pass with the gentleness of summer days. Seasons are nothing more than brilliant fashions worn in celebration of change.

    Meditation comes easily, filled with ancient songs of patience punctuated by catastrophic breakage. I daydream of talus slopes and towering crags, cuddled in the river’s bed.

    55 words

  10. Suffocated, that's how she felt. First he stopped her money. Then her friends. Constantly watching, tightening his silken threads until she became  dessicated, husk-like, dead on the inside. No redress. No escape. His punches were too fast, too frequent, like he had eight fists.  

    So she chose poison. Struck from inside his web, silent, deadly, swift. 

    55 words,@charitygirlblog

  11. The first time he saw her she was draped in sunlight beside the dock: ecstasy made corporeal and just as addictive, just as dangerous.

    Helplessly, he came back every day, a glimpse his only fix.

    His wife felt his absence in the coolness of her bed.

    Though silent, the nameless woman--she was his siren.


  12. A Sea Of Despair

    Diego stared down at the pier, feeling both disbelief and sadness. While she would never share either his love of the sea or his unshakeable faith in Cristobal, he simply refused to believe she hadn’t come. Though it was impossible, he wished, at that moment, he actually could sail off the edge of the Earth.

    55 words @klingorengi

  13. I sit on a crate from the plane, just a stone throw away from the spider as it scurries down the web toward the helpless house fly. Behind me is the sea, and off in the distance another island where others surely have found purchase. Like that poor fly, we are all trapped, awaiting salvation.

    55 words


    I had dreams of crystal waters and warm ocean breezes. Living in Nebraska, I felt compelled to warm my soul in Cancun.
    I beg for my life, but the drug-gang thugs laugh. They chain me and slash my wrists to draw the sharks, blood dripping into warm ocean. A few more feet until terror.

    55 words

  15. Fairy apprentices Hoalla and Gerti loved to practice their magical powers with everyday phrases.

    “You smell like roses!”

    “Well, tickle me pink!”



    One particularly colorful day when Gerti turned Hoalla into a slimeball, Hoalla shouted back, “Gerti, you cold as stone, woman!”

    Apparently, cold as stone was irreversible.

    50 words

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