Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The A to Z~55 Word Challenge

The A to Z~55 Word Challenge

Today is Day 4 of the A to Z Blog Challenge, which means, D Day! My theme for the challenge is Monsters…I know I can find one for every letter of the alphabet…and so today I have a special challenge for the 55 Word Challenge.

Below you will find 3 photos. Choose a photo and incorporate your story around that. Nothing new there, but here is the twist…I have 3 monsters to choose from and one of them must be involved in the scene in some way. Doppelganger, Dampyre or Dragon. Remember 55 words or less, (does not include title), put story in the comment section below and include word count and twitter handle, (or email addy), so that I can contact you if you win. The contest begins at noon on Wednesdays, Eastern time and ends at noon on Thursdays. Winner and Honorable Mentions will be announced bt 10 PM...unless I fall and dislocate my elbow, like I did last week. Number of HM depends on number of entries.

The prize this week will be a copy of either Satan’s Toybox: Demonic Dolls or the Un-Dead of Winter Anthology. Both are available on Nook and Kindle. The Winner also receives this Winners Badge. Isn't it fancy?
If you haven’t heard of the 55 Word Challenge, you can see last week’s entries here and find the winners list here.

Photo Prompts

Don't forget to include one of the word prompts and have fun with this!


  1. Who’d have thought we’d call you the lucky one? You tried to warn us they were coming, but they mocked you. After all you’d done for them; you entered the grave in ignominy. When the dragons came they died by the tens of thousands, the streets filled with the fallen never to be properly buried.

    55 Words
    from Rise of the Dragons

  2. Drake grimaced and shook his head, looking back down at the photograph of an ancient cross. The image called to mind dark, neglected places, and someplace he was likely to visit if he pissed Aliandra off much more. He knew he should apologize, but it might not be enough. How did one appease a dragon?

    55 words

  3. “So that’s where the dhampyre has hidden himself,” the hunter looked over the crumbling wall to the tower beyond.

    His hunched elderly guide shuffled nervously behind, “If you please, sir, why seek the dhampyre? He protects our village.”

    “He is an abomination.”

    The guide swiftly snapped the hunter’s neck, “He’s not in the tower.”

    55 words

  4. It was better this way, I told myself as his flesh hung from the clothing line. I dipped the paint brush in the lime oil and lathered it on like melted butter on bread. Like a dampyre he sucked the life out of my heart the moment he turned his back on me. Never again.
    55 words

  5. The Dampyre’s Widow

    In self-inflicted exile, he leaned against the marble headstone that bore his name. If only the sun on his face would scorch him to cinders, relieve his bitter suffering. He desired Elizabeth in so many ways –love and sweet, sweet blood. But a dampyre should not love his wife. Far better she think him dead.

    55 words.

  6. One

    The banging ceased. I sat hunched in the corner, waiting for it to recommence. Nothing. I crept over and un-latched the door. I couldn’t keep her trapped in there forever. There was only room for one of us in this world The door opened with a creak; we locked eyes and I felt myself dissolve.

    55 words

    1. Damn missing '.' after world... *cries in shame*

  7. Hal walked up to the cross and read the inscription.

    “Here lies Sir George, Dragon Slayer.”

    He was that. And never had there been a more worthy foe. Hal had cheered when he vanquished the knight, but now, his life had no meaning. Hal bowed his head, spread his wings, and flew off in sadness.

    55 words

  8. The demonic doll surveyed her kingdom. The last angel who came through had devastated it. It would take her millennia to restore it and her army.

    A sly smile crossed her lips.

    The demons who'd survived would feast well in the meantime. Heaven was missing one of their angels. She'd found it.



    Aisling hung on the cabinet door, frozen in fear. Her husband came in the front door of the cottage and knew. He’d seen that look on her face before.
    “It happened again?”
    She nodded her head, still shaking. “The doppelganger appeared this morning. It’s the same as the omen of death.”

    55 words

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  11. We crept into the fort that had been empty for years. Rumors of creatures that wandered the halls at night were ignored. Stay the night and scare everyone else out first. For laughs. Donnie was the first to disappear. Rachel vanished before me. We thought it was a joke. We fed the dampyre very well.

    55 words

  12. I chose the third picture:

    "You're right: she's amazing and looks just like her, but I believe you misunderstood my request. You see, the ritual requires a flat bell to be struck seven times with a mallet mounted to a mottled horse. Thus I specifically asked you to find a dapple gonger. That is NOT what you sent me."

    54 Words

    P.S.: The initial instructions said to involve the chosen "D" monster "in some way," without saying to use the WORD of the monster's name, but then the later instructions said, "Don't forget to include one of the word prompts." I hope my entry is acceptable, even though it made use of one of the specified monsters without actually including the WORD.

  13. Beyond The Hunt

    She rose from her slumber, reluctant to greet the specters of the night. She was tired to her very core of The Hunt. It no longer held any attraction or enticement for her.

    Be it dragon, dampyre or doppelganger, she no longer cared. Edmyre was no less dead and her vengeance was no more slaked.

  14. I draped a wrist atop the worn, Celtic cross. A few rows away, mourners clustered around a casket; some weeping, others silent. None of them knew I was watching. Contrary to popular belief, the Reaper wore no robes and didn’t have a fleshless face. No, the visage I wore always belonged to the next doomed.

    Nance P
    55 word

  15. When we got to the white cross, I turned to ask Jimmy why he’d finally visited his ma.

    Something wasn’t right ‘bout his face. Then, his face was mine.

    I tripped over a fresh mound, fell into my grave and wished the doppleganger had at least let me see my husband’s face last—not mine.

    Second Pic

  16. Ok, the challenge is now closed! I have a difficult decision to make. I will announce the winner and HM's by 10:00 PM.