Thursday, April 5, 2012

Winner of the A to Z~ 55 Word Challenge

Winner of the A to Z~ 55 Word Challenge

Whew! You guys really came through this week and narrowing it down to one winner and three honorable mentions wasn’t easy. However it had to be done, so after much deliberation, here are the results.

Honorable Mentions:
@SJIHolliday I felt the story fit the picture perfectly and I loved the ending line!
@zombiemechanics This is a story I would love to see more of. So much was packed into 55 words.

@LupusAnthropos I’m still laughing with this one. Great story with a fun punch line!

I kept coming back to this story. It was filled with mystery, intrigue and the twist at the end was delightfully evil.

“So that’s where the dhampyre has hidden himself,” the hunter looked over the crumbling wall to the tower beyond.

His hunched elderly guide shuffled nervously behind, “If you please, sir, why seek the dhampyre? He protects our village.”

“He is an abomination.”

The guide swiftly snapped the hunter’s neck, “He’s not in the tower.”
 Thank you to everyone that participated!
The 55 Word Challenge will be taking a break next week. It will be the letter J in the A to Z Blog Challenge and I have something special planned for that day. The Challenge will start back up on the 19th and the letter that day is Q, so if anyone has any suggestions for prompts, prizes or would be interested in guest judging, please let me know.


  1. They were all great. I loved the sudden surprise ending on this one. Really grabbed me. Congratulations to David and thanks for the enjoyable reading to all of you.