Thursday, May 17, 2012

Winner 55 Word Challenge: Week Nine

Winner 55 Word Challenge
Week Nine

Lisa was correct when she said this was a difficult batch of stories to choose from. With a story of only 55 words, every word counts even more than with the “average” flash fiction story. So, that being said here are my picks:

Honorable Mentions:
Raymond C. Morris – This story had a very creepy post-apocalyptic feel to it. Wish you’d have had more room to flesh it out a bit.

Rebekah Postupak – This story appealed to the prompts on both a literal and figurative level. Not all monsters are imaginary is a good reminder here.

Afsaneh - This story mated with the photo prompt well. It would have had even more impact with less repetition of phrases. Again, in a 55-word story every word has to count.

Ryan Strohman – Though several of the stories revolved around this photo, I felt yours had a very nice flow to it, combining longer and shorter phrases to set a pace for the read. I also liked the way it approached the prompt in both a literal and figurative level.

Here is Ryan's winning story!

Young love fades like a fleeting thought. Very few last to see even a dozen cycles of the moon. And yet this one was different. Together they stood, embracing, he resting his chin against her head, she pressing her cheek against his chest. So young, so in love, gone from this earth far too soon.

55 words

Ryan wins a $5.00 Gift Card from Amazon and a copy of Jeff's collection, A Cold And Dark Christmas. He also gets this cool winners badge to do with as he pleases.


  1. Grats to the HM's and the winner! Maybe I'll stow this flash away for future use like I have several others. :D

  2. What? My silly ploy didn't work? Drat! :D Well deserved congratulations to Ryan, Raymond, Rebekah and Afsaneh!

    --That's a lot of "r"s I smell a conspirrrracy