Friday, August 24, 2012

Winner 55 Word Challenge: Week Twenty-Three

Winner 55 Word Challenge:
Week Twenty-Three


@Angelique_Rider Great ending line. I read it to my daughter, who wore the mask and blood for this photo and when I read that last line, her eyes widened. Then she asked, Vampire or Zombie?
@postupak It’s the last line in this one that got to me. Great job!
@theglitterlady This sent shivers through me… and made me wonder, would nightshade taint meat?

Special, special mention to @WakefieldMahon and his unintentional, chilling story. Dental boo-boos are the worst!
I was out with a dental boo-boo yesterday. Sorry I missed the prompt. Great entries from everyone!
Oh. My. God. This one made me giggle. It probably shouldn't have, but it did. I'm demented like that.
Mama would be angry if she saw Marissa’s face. The girl smiled in the mirror, adjusting the mask with a stained hand.
What mama didn’t know, wouldn’t hurt her. If she found out, Marissa would have to go back to that smelly old hospital.
She pushed the body under the bed. No one would know.
55 words
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If anyone would be interested in judging/donating photos, let me know. See you all next week!

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