Friday, October 5, 2012

Winner 55 Word Challenge: Week Twenty-Nine

Great entries this week! Didn't I say the pictures would be great?
Winner 55 Word Challenge:
Week Twenty-Nine
Honorable Mentions:
 @Angelique_Rider: I loved the trip into Wonderland and of course the extra effort to include all 3 prompts.
@klingorengi: I've been in the deep south... it can be a scary thing.
@tollykit: I loved this story, a sort of Grass is always greener, but from a demons perspective.

@lejamez: I thought that this was poetic and beautiful.
Thirteen steps down to the basement
She lies with eyes gazing off to the distance
Pushed, fallen or simply resting
Cooling skin on a cement floor
Tears pool at the corners of her eyes
Breath slows as life leaves
Beauty is found where beauty has fallen
Peaceful in death as life
words 51
Laura, DM me your E-Mail address and I will send your gift card to you within a week.  :-)
Winner of the Jezri’s Nightmares Bumpersticker:
No! Please no, not back in there, please no!
I want to come out, I’ll be good.
I won’t cry, I won’t laugh, I won’t eat, I’ll just sit here okay?
But not in there okay?
Not in the dark again okay? Not with the monster?
It hurt so much last time.
Miranda, DM me your mailing address, (I won't give it out,) and I will send you your Bumpersticker.
Thank you everyone for entering and I look forward to reading your entries next week!

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