Friday, December 21, 2012

Winner 55 Word Challenge:

Winner 55 Word Challenge:

Week Thirty-Nine

My, but this has been a stressful day, waiting for those damn Mayans to carry through with their prediction. It's beginning to look like we will be around for a while though... as if I ever had any doubt. The world wouldn't dare end until I finish my novel... along with all the other projects I've started and then put off.
We had a lot of great entries. Not an easy decision. But I had to make one. So without any further ado and before my daughter's stereo completely drives me crazy, here are the results.
Honorable Mentions:
@klingorengi: I’m still trying to figure out if Jeff killed off Santa. So wicked.

@tollykit: I’ve been waiting for this damn dragon all day and he hasn’t shown up. But I love the tale and the image it brings.

@DavidALudwig: Tackled 3 prompts in one and did it well. As someone else said, showoff.
@LurchMunster  Sweet and touching.
Dear diary, today something wonderful happened. Jessica kissed me! I’ve always wondered what that would be like. To feel her lips touch mine. To taste them. Wow! My heart ran wild and my pulse raced just like they did when I watch the last space shuttle launch. God, I hope she kisses me again!

55 words.
Mark, DM your email to me so I can send you your gift card. I also have a gift for the other three winners. So I will need those emails as well.
Now for an apology. I just found out a few days ago that some of the prizes from the Coffin Hop and Zombie Run didn't get mailed out. I thought they did... no one notified me they hadn't receieved them. Until the other day. At first I thought she was the only one and maybe it had gotten lost. I don't carry a purse often. Usually just a wallet. Doing some house cleaning and desperate for maybe finding some money, (you know that wonderful money we find tucked away) I opened up my purse and found that there were some envelopes in there. I don't recall putting them there... I think I will blame the three year old in my house, but in either case they have now been sent out. I will also be sending an added gift to your emails within the next week. 

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