Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Winner 55 Word Challenge: Week Sixty-One

Sorry for the delay. Jeff is working 12 hour shifts EVERY DAY this week, my older daughter is in Georgia and my youngest is with her dad for the week... so just me and the Little Minion all day long. And I think he is intentionally being difficult. He's not used to his sisters not being home and neither am I.

Wendy, (by_wjhoward,) has chosen, so without further delay...

Honorable Mentions:





He bought things in pairs. Shoes, of course; lamps; puppies (finally, a purchase no one questioned!). Once he even found a set of used Jeeps.

“Things break,” he said, shrugging. “Things get lost. Life happens.”

He murmured this again, later, when laying a pair of red roses at the twin headstones marked with his birthday.

55 words
I will be contacting all four of you for Email information. Wendy has books for each of you.
Wendy is the editor and one of the founding members of Visionary Press Cooperative.

Visionary Press Cooperative
A New Vision for Publishing
Fantasy, Sci Fi, & Horror
Member Owned
Member Controlled
Member Benefited
At Visionary Press we strive for a totally new, inventive way of publishing. New ways of getting your stories, poems, whatever out there in not only conventional ways, but in innovative ways as well. We're not your normal Indie Publishing house, in fact, we're all about making a difference out there in the publishing world. Let us make a believer out of you. Show us what you got and we'll show you how great it can be.


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