Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Winner 55 Word Challenge: Week Sixty-Four

YIKES! Jeff just pointed out to me that I haven't done this yet and it is almost time to post the next #55WordChallenge. Some computer issues today, but here we go...

Honorable Mentions:

@klingorengi: Great job working in all 3 prompts.

@LupusAnthropos: Hee hee, kitty was very bad.

@SiobhanMuir: Great use of the prompt! Love the idea of a window.


@LastKrystallos: Awesome zombie story! I never would have imagined a cat helping a zombie. 


We’re a team, Clive and I. Food is scarce when you’re a legless zombie, and not the intoxicated kind either, Smart Alec. Clive brings back food, not a lot, but enough guts and entrails to keep me going…and I, on the other hand, keep him fed, after all, what use did I have for legs?

(55 Words)
Okay, now get ready because #55WordChallenge Week Sixty-Five is coming up.

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