Friday, January 17, 2014

Winner #55WordChallenge 2014: Week Two

The judge has spoken and here are the results.

Honorable Mention:

@nickjohns999. Its exceptionally difficult with such a minimal word count to craft a complete story. That being said, Nick did the next best thing and established a coherent and continuous overall emotion/tone that was truly ominous. Spooky!

Over Achiever:

drmagoo.  The photos for this week complimented each other nicely and drmagoo took full advantage of that to include all three into a tight, complete satisfying tale. It told just enough to satisfy but not confuse. Skillful!


penkissespaper. From the selections, this was my favorite. I liked how this story used a photo for inspiration and crafted something entirely original from that inspiration. Tense, conveying a sense of impending doom, it left much to the imagination of the reader but sometimes I like those kind of stories best. Mysterious!

Congratulations. All 3 will get a Smashwords copy of Finding A Voice once it comes out later this month. The winner will also get a signed copy of the book.  

Here is the winning story.

The siren sang its mournful wail, the sound echoing in the empty streets. The Yorkshire residents had prepared for this moment, since the arrival of alien craft in Scotland days earlier. As the rippling, grey cloud approached, residents locked doors, boarded windows and prayed. Only a fool would dare venture out to watch the invasion unfold.

(55 words)

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