Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Winner 55 Word Challenge: Week Four 2014

Well it has been quite a week... a lot of snow, headaches and kids running around screaming. Oh the horror! However I have settled on the winners. There were a few late entries, but since I am running late announcing, I decided to let them stand.

Honorable Mention: 

Chasity M Conley: I loved the poetic form and it was so eerie. I could easily imagine the scene.

@PurpleQueenNLGreat use of all 3 prompts!

AtreyeeI am glad you found your way to our challenge. This was a great story!

Laura shivered. The hospital really looked dead! Even the staff seemed sinister. But she needed the story for her magazine “Haunted Ohio”. She followed the Doctor inside and felt herself choking.. As her abandoned mortal body turned blue on the cold floor, her spirit floated in that dilapidated, dank corridor along with other ghostly apparitions.

Ok, week 5 will be posted shortly. I have another special theme and a prize.

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