Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Winner #55WordChallenge: Week Eight 2014

Here we are again! I am going to make this quick. School was cancelled today and I have my head on backward and I forgot that it was Wednesday. I need someone to send me a reminder, lol. So here we go. All the winners get a  digital copy Beyond the Binding: Composers for Relief Companion Collection.  In addition, the winner will be sent a gift card to purchase Composers for Relief: Supporting the Philippines.
The proceeds from both these projects goes towards relief in the Phillippines and I am so proud to have been involved with this project. More information can be found here


Honorable Mention:

@LurchMunster: I love how you worked your story into the pictures this week.

penkissespaper: Great job! I love the last line.


Interesting. I want to read more.  :)
The Trial

She magically shifted her human form, her now feline paws making no noise in the snow. Naeris paused at the entrance of the Labyrinth, whiskers twitching as she glanced around. The lonely bicycle leaning against the crumbling mortar wall did not bode well for the person who had entered the temple before her.

55 words (including title) @drshaywest

Thank you everyone! If you are one of today's winners, please contact me with email information, so I can send the prize your way.

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