Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Winners: #55WordChallenge Week Nine 2014

Whew... for a minute there I thought I wasn't going to be able to announce winners. When I transferred the posts from Jezri's Nightmares to the new 55 Word Challenge blog, the comments didn't come along... and I had deleted all the ones from the older blog. However, thanks to the internet, nothing is ever truly deleted and I was able to recover the entries. So, apologies first... I am really late with this. I don't always have my head screwed on right, and in this case it came off and everything spilled out into one yucky mess. But it is screwed back on and I have winners for you! So without any further ado...

Honorable Mention: @BlanchardAuthor

Clara pranced across the porch roof to see what made the noise. A quick sniff of the air confirmed what she saw: it was just the mail man. Good, still no one asking questions. She jumped back down and went back inside, where she continued eating her former owner’s finger.

55 Words.

Honorable Mention: @fifty5words

 “Enjoy it while you can”

His heart danced. With the sun burning above he knew it was only a matter of time.

“Your time will come”
His claws gripped. Navigating position he was alert to his attacker.

“I dare you to throw another”

His body flew. Sinking into the child’s face Mr Tinkles felt joy

55 words

Overachiever: @NadaNightStar

A New Day

Fluffy, cold and fun, such is snow. Some laughter here, a snowball there; giggles from a group of children.
Then they all go home, cuddle their teddy bears in the comfort of their beds to wake up to a morning of sun and smiles, to pets embracing the warmth of a new day.

I used all three images
53 words
 Winner: @solimond

The sun burned bright in the sky, gleaming over blades of grass and shiny tree leaves. The day was beautiful and shining. The darkness under the ground seeped slowly. Thin fingers reached up, engulfing any roots that it came across. The heat of the sun had seeped into the soil as the darkness surged upward.

55 words

 Congratulations everyone! Grab your badges from the sidebar. I will be contacting you about your prize. Check back at noon, when I will have the new prompts posted.

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