Wednesday, May 7, 2014

WInner 55 Word Challenge: Week 10

This wasn't an easy decision, there were a lot of great entries.

Honorable Mention:
Penkisspaper: I literally laughed out loud. Very cute. And now I want bacon.

‘Say there, Rex. Have you heard the one about the chicken who crossed the road?’
‘No Porky, I haven’t. Have you heard the one about the farmer who desperately needed to restock his family’s empty freezer in time for their visiting friends who were looking forward to a pork roast on Sunday?’
‘Everyone’s a comedian…’

@bookwormattack: The last line put a smile on my face.

Raindrops fell around Will as he took Elsie in his arms, the mud squelching under his boots. She tipped her head back, and her baby blues seemed to glow with happiness.

Her voice was all he heard over the din of barnyard animals surrounding them. "Well, cowboy? Are you gonna kiss me or not?"

54 words


@mishmhem: I loved this! Beautifully written.

Under your skin
“You can go anywhere in the world, but until you live there, until you get the dirt under your nails, it will never be home. “

I think my mom was talking about farming. Me, I got a mad bath from a car passing me in the rain last night. The city is now home.

55 words (not including title)

Congratulations! I am behind on awarding prizes from last week but I will try to get to it and today's prize, later today. I am having an incredibly hellish week. Please bear with me.

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