Friday, July 27, 2012

Winner 55 Word Challenge: Week Nineteen

Winner: 55 Word Challenge:
Week Nineteen

@solimond I love the conversation between the cat and the boy.
@MikeEMillerBook I love the image of the demon car. 
@DavidALudwig David made me chuckle with the line about the can opener.
@LurchMunster I love chocolate and this story made me hungry. Enough said. Read the story for yourself.
“I’m in here,” she called from the kitchen. Chocolate was everywhere. She was in the middle of it all. Naked. A stream of chocolate running from her mouth, down her chin, almost to her chest. “I wanted to make something chocolate for you.” She pouted. “I failed.” I skipped dinner that night for desert...

55 words...

Mark,  DM me your email address so I can send you your gift card. Let me know if you want Amazon or Barnes and Noble. And snag the winners badge! You earned it.

Thank you everyone for entering this week!

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