Friday, July 20, 2012

Winner 55 Word Challenge: Week Seventeen

Winner 55 Word Challenge:
Week Seventeen

Sorry to be posting this so late. Wonky internet. I loved all the stories that were written and I wish I could have chosen them all.

Honorable Mentions:
@Rowanwolf66:  Damned hick called me yeller… made me laugh. I can imagine the anger, the rage. I especially loved the last lines.
@J_M_Blackman:  Jalisa managed to convey a lot in such a short time. I could imagine the fear at night, not being able to see the damage, the flooding…and then in the morning to view the utter devastation. A very terrifying tale.
@tollykit: Revenge is the perfect motivator for a story. I liked how Ellaine mentioned that the anger gave her strength to hold the wolf form. It put me into the mind’s eye of the wolf and the last line let me know why she was so angry.

@zombiemechanics:  I love a good zombie story and one that includes werewolves has got my attention. I would love to read more about the life the main character leads and those that she lives with. It’s not easy raising a child in the zombie apocalypse but it sounds as though she has a great support system. (BTW, I love the name of the MC)


The mist of dawn covered the house in a shroud of silence.
This was when Lisa felt the safest, when the baby’s noise didn’t send her running to the peepholes to check for walkers. At the end of the road, a wolf yipped twice.
The all-clear signal.
“Daddy’s home!” She coed at the baby.

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Now if everyone would take a look at this pretty blue bumpersticker? I am considering it, or one similar, for a monthly prize. Let me know what you think. How it would work is I would choose my favorite story from the winners each month. The only thing is I would need an actual address to mail it to. So let me know what you think. (BTW, I have to credit @theglitterlady for the idea. Her war cry was inspirational.)


  1. I like the way it looks and I like to collect bumper stickers. Not for my car...I just keep them all in my office, but I still like them! So, I'm in. :)