Saturday, November 24, 2012

Winner 55 Word Challenge

Winner 55 Word Challenge
Week Thirty-Six
Sorry I am late posting this. My internet connection went down yesterday before I got a chance. A huge thank you to Lisa Shambrook for her photo inspirations and for judging. It wasn't an easy thing to come up with a winner. This is what Lisa says:
Honourable Mention @writesidemama gets an overachiever award too, I imagined an older brother wanting retribution for the loss of his siblings ted!

Honourable Mention @PurpleQueenNL Beautiful imagery, especially the use of light, for the valiant Prince Llewellyn.

Honourable Mentions tie @Klingorengi and @hlpauff for putting into words the tragic death of a bear...(never was keen on Paddington myself!)


My winner is @lissajean7 'It was a grizzly scene...' great opener for the bear tragedy, and I love that she referenced the gun in the picture, not that it helped poor teddy!
It was a grizzly scene. Cotton stuffing skipped in the breeze. A plastic eye rested nearby. The "fur" shell was sliced from shoulder to hip. It was shameful that he’d been tossed in the street. Ted E. had fought valiantly, but a squirt gun was poor defense from the ravages of a toddler with scissors.

Great job Lisa! Grab your badge and DM your email to me so I can send your gift card.
Thank you to everyone that entered!

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