Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Winner 55WordChallenge: Week Fifty-Seven

Late again with the winners and this time I had to be careful, we had some entries that came in after the contest closed. And they were all great entries. I promise, once the craziness of the next couple of weeks ends… after my daughter’s graduation party, I will have more time to spend on making sure I announce the winners in a timely manner.

Ok, so without further ado…

Honorable Mentions:

@by_wjhoward: Ugh, I know how frustrating getting wet mail can be. I don’t think I ever felt like murdering my mail carrier though.

@bookwormattack: Divorce is frustrating. Another been there, done that. My hat off to those couples that make it. (Of course I expect Jeff and I will… or die trying.)

@LastKrystallos: Very cute story. Funny how everything always comes full circle.


@JMwandering: Love the vampire theme to this! 

(Sorry no link provided. Twitter kept saying internal server error)

Title: Unnatural

Author: J.M. Mendur

“How are they doing that?”

“Forget what you’ve read about vampires in stories, kid. They don’t drink blood. Never have. They feast on the life force of the world, draining it of everything, including its colors.”

“So, no stake to the heart?”

“You’re learning,” I said as I loaded the explosive bullets in my rifle.


Author’s Note: 55 words, not including title and author lines. I used the photo prompt of the old people in the park. I went kind of dark on this one and the manipulated color vs. black-and-white of the photo jumped out at me.


Okay, see you all tomorrow for #55WordChallenge Week Fifty-Eight

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