Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Winner 55 Word Challenge: Week Sixty-Eight

We had a lot of fun entries last week and judging was not easy. Not easy at all.
Honorable Mentions:
@lastwordy: I was reminded of days, long gone, when I would take that walk and jump. Fun times at Crystal Lake. (Not the same one that Jason attended… I don’t think.)
@needanidplease: This is so sad and happens so often.
@klingorengi: Again, this story made me sad. I can’t imagine the grief of losing a child and then revisiting the place they died.
Oh my gawd… I can’t see this going wrong… in the most horrific way. “Mommy, wake up.” “Little Janie, why are you holding that knife?” Hee hee… but really, put me in mind of the Stepford Wives, only children. Delicious possibilities. Read the story below.
“They look so real! They even fidget!”
“Of course. Our scientists were very detailed in their design.”
“So they act like other kids?”
“In all appearances, yes – minus the hassle of training and discipline. They come pre-programmed.”
“Doesn’t that defeat the point?”
“Parents want good children with little effort.”
“You’re sure?”
“Our studies were conclusive.”
55 words
Ok, the next #55WordChallenge starts at noon! See you all there.

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