Saturday, September 7, 2013

Winner 55 Word Challenge: Week Seventy-Three

Sadly there were only 5 entries this week. Usually I have 3 honorable mentions, but I decided with so few to do one HM, one Overachiever and one Overall winner. I hope to see more entries next 55 Word Challenge!
Honorable Mention:
@by_wjhoward: This story made me chuckle and put me in mind of my own Grim Reaper Tales. Death is such a fun character.
@DavidALudwig: Great story, David, but why doesn’t anyone know for sure? Go back there! Find out. Oh… and I hope you survive. Muahahaha.
@lastwordy: Loved. It. So creepy and perfect.
The Bouquet
"She loves me."
The pile of petals was about the size of a child's snowball and almost as white. He'd been at it most of the morning, plucking flower by flower.
She'd liked daises. He remembered.
"She loves me not."
He liked the petals. They pulled off so easily.
Not like fingers.
Fingers were hard.
55 words
Thank you to everyone that entered this week. I am sending you all a copy of No Zombies Allowed. I will send the coupon code via Twitter DM. Have a great week and see you back here Wednesday.

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