Sunday, June 22, 2014

winner: #55WordChallenge Week Fifteen

   Week 15 Winners, at least I hope I have the right week. Our regular judge is still having a few internet issues so you get me this week, @fetterslopez, bwahaahaahaa.  Which, unfortunately for me, means my ever-so-wonderful story is out of the running, but with the number of entries I had plenty to choose from. The rundown of winners are as follows… Drum roll please?

Our honorable mention is

Tushar pedaled through the night as the cycling finalist to cross inter-state boundaries.  Exhilaration set in, not when he crossed the finish line at dawn break, but when he spotted the lone red telephone booth and placed the first call to his expecting wife.

“Congrats!” said Richa "It’s a girl

“I've truly won!” gushed Tushar.


Overachiever mention badge goes to

After the fight he rode off on his bicycle in the dark. He pedaled on brooding all night, reliving every hurtful word as he went.

The sun rose before him its beauty melting away his resentment. He saw a phone booth ahead and coasted to a stop.

“Lilly? I'm sorry. Can you come get me?”

 Boyd Miles (I couldn't find a way to contact Boyd or a twitter handle)

Coming in at the top of the heap. The winner. Numerouno.

She stopped short, her quick pace halted by the brilliant flash of red caught in the corner of her eye, memories long buried flooding back. A phone booth. A summer abroad. A kiss that left her breathless. A perfect moment of happiness. Surroundings faded to gray around her as she felt the pain once more.


Thanks to everyone who participated, hope you come back next week.


  1. Replies
    1. I thought your story conveyed an emotion hard to do in so few words.

  2. Thank you so much for the mention. I'm super glad since it was also my first time here. Keep the lovely prompts coming :-)
    And, congrats to Boyd Miles and @tilley_girl!

  3. Lori, there are two honorable mentions here..could you please clarify which one of those is the correct one?

    1. My bad and I have since fixed it. Honorable mention goes to you Uma, with Overachiever going to Boyd. I'm getting goofy with excitement. First time judge.

  4. I have to switch over to Chrome to leave comments, don't know what Firefox's problem is. My email, I don't do twitter, is boydmiles1959(at)
    Thank you for the honor.

    1. Nice use of all the prompts.

    2. Thank you, they went well together. All I had to do if reverse the order and the story fell in place.