Thursday, June 5, 2014

Winner #55WordChallenge: Week Thirteen

 Sorry I am late. Again. My internet problems continue. Some great entries! My decision wasn't easy, but here goes...

Honorable Mention: @tilley_girl

Wispy fluffs of white nestled among the fading yellow glory that heralded summer to generation after generation of children. A slender figure walked slowly into the field of dandelions gone to seed, bending over to pluck a perfect downy sphere. Pursing lips blew softly, sending wishes and memories into the sky, scattering with the seeds.

Overachiever: @PurpleQueenNL

 Maya rolled in the meadow and blew at every dandelion she saw, sending the seeds flying, creating a blizzard of summer mist. She watched her son rushing through it, trying to catch each one, his laughter filling her heart, and making it feel like it might burst like a watermelon. Today was a good day.

Winner: @AdamIckes

I lost track of him somewhere along the way. In the overgrown field I think. But that was the plan all along wasn’t it? Drag him out here under the guise of picking watermelons and go home without him. Not very humane, but I can’t afford to feed him any longer. It’s better this way.

Congratulations everyone! Week Fourteen will be coming up shortly!


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