Thursday, September 13, 2012

Winner 55 Word Challenge: Week Twenty-Six

Winner 55 Word Challenge:
Week Twenty- Six
This is one of those weeks when I am glad I didn’t have to choose a winner, because I loved them all. A lot of great stories and I’m not sure I could have narrowed it down. Rebecca Treadway did a wonderful job! So without further ado:
Honorable Mention: 
After The Party

One minute she was skipping home after an amazing birthday party; the next being bundled into a car to destination unknown.

She glanced out of the rear window and saw her balloons, caught on a fence; crying she realised they were forever trapped unless someone chose to release them.

I hold my sister's hand in the empty parking lot. She clutches a bag of limp glow-in-the-dark balloons from home. She really wanted the clown to make a phosphorescent dinosaur.

A carnival flier catches on my feet advertising last week's dates.

We sit criss-cross on the asphalt, popping colors and twisting rubber into prehistoric beasts.
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Thank you everyone, see you next week. If anyone is interested in judging future contests or contributing art, let me know.

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